Phil Hartley Guitar Repairs - Price List

Price List

Prices will vary for each job and a quotation will be given on request. An exact quotation cannot be given until the instrument is seen but you can be sure that no work will be carried out before you have been told the nature and cost of the proposed work. Should the need for additional work become apparent during a repair, that work will not be carried out without full disclosure and agreement.

The following prices should be treated as a guide only. Please call or email for further details or to discuss your problem. Prices do not include parts and consumables.

Electric and Acoustic guitars and basses

  • Setup (guitar or bass) From £40
  • Nut replacement (includes a set up, guitar or bass) From £80
  • Fret Dress (guitar or bass) (includes a set up) From £100
  • Re-Fret (guitar or bass) From £200
  • Warmoth build (includes fret dress and Funky Nut) From £300 (+parts!)
  • Rewiring (guitar or bass) From £40 (+ parts)
  • Buzz Feiten Retrofit (not on acoustic guitars) From £100 (+£30 for PRS)
  • Funky Nut (not on acoustic guitars…not yet!) From £140

Acoustic guitars

  • Saddle work on steel string From £30
  • Intonation work on steel string From £30
  • Compression re-fret on classical From £250
  • Electrical work on semi acoustic From an additional £50