Wiring Mods

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4-way Tele switch

This gives you the 3 normal sounds (bridge, bridge / neck parallel, neck), with the addition of neck / bridge in series. This new combination sounds like a regular humbucker and is louder than the other 3. The new switch is a genuine Fender USA part and your modified guitar looks standard.

From £40

5-way Megaswitch

There are many pickup combinations possible with this multipole switch. Possible series and parallel combinations not normally available on the standard 5-way include; neck/bridge parallel, neck / bridge series, neck / middle series and middle / bridge series. The new switch is a genuine USA Fender part and your modified guitar looks standard.

From £50

Variable Treble Bleed

If you use your guitar’s volume control to clean up your overdrive tone, then this mod is for you! On most guitars, turning down reduces overdrive, but also dulls the tone (not enough treble). On many oriental guitars, turning down makes the tone thin (too much treble). The VTB allows you to adjust how dull or bright your tone becomes as you turn down the volume control. The mod uses one of the original tone pots (Strat, Les Paul etc) or a special stacked dual pot (Tele). In most cases your modified guitar looks standard.

From £20

Push / pull switches

These can be used to ‘tap’ pickups (humbucker / single coil) and for other custom mods. They retain the look of your instrument, eliminating the need to drill hole for extra switches (ouch!).

From £20

Rothwell Audio Products

I can supply and fit any of these award winning modifications. They all work well and give you much greater versatility from your guitar. Rothwell Audio Products

Piezo saddles / bridge for electric guitars

The ‘Ghost’ range of saddles and bridges by Graphtech provide acoustic guitar sounds from your electric guitar. Graphtech

Quality improvement for oriental guitars

Many Japanese and Korean guitars (e.g. Ibanez, Jackson, Charvel, B C Rich, Epiphone) are fitted with poor quality pots, switches and sockets. It is not unusual for these to become noisy and / or intermittent within a year or so. This is a good opportunity to upgrade to better quality parts, which should last for many years. I use Switchcraft, CRL and Oak switches, CTS pots, and Switchcraft sockets. In most cases your modified guitar looks standard.

It makes sense to consider having these mods performed at the same time as a set up or other work, as the cost will be reduced.